Refrigerator Word Art

O. K. I admit it I'm addicted to writing "poetry" on my refrigerator. It started out when a housemate put a set of Magnetic Poetry words up in the kitchen. First I started by moving a couple of words around then I found myself writing weird sentences and short strange poems. My housemate moved out at the end of that summer and took her words with her. However by that time I had found a source of cheap magnetic words from a company called FridgeFun. Below you can see work that I liked using their Poetry and Rocky & Bullwinkle sets.

Rocketed by Veronica's Moon
Her gravity pulls at my nose
The light trapping my secret heart

Our evil fiendish leader would fearlessly watch exploding chocolate rabbits

Do they crave to reconcile forever?
Try dynamite psychiatrist
Guarantees death together
Marriage can't end

Everything's united through intense stupidity

Frostbite kissed their hats
Like white sugar, Winter Falls
Surely Spring's a dream

Want adventure?
Buy concentrated hurricane.

At some point I added the UFO and Zen set of words which help me produce:

Pint-size exploding chocolate gods never dance against evil

Still Moose Ranching in Kalamazoo?
Move to Timbuktu
Secret Zen Moose Master
Can Cause Your Antlers Spirit To Dance

He Concentrated Her Dreams Of Fish
Veronica Forever Lies In Twilight
Mind Still Not Awake
Heart Uncluttered
No Stranger To Virtue

Father's Grave Speech
Created Confused Kindred
And Fractured Children's Courage

Pointless Discipline Always Guarantees Pain

Monster's Laughter Defiles Mystical Circles
Fire Breathing Worm Fogs The Night Air
Nothingness Chills Mother Vampire's Heart
Evil Black Noises Swallowing Her Spirit

Zombie Girl Is Lovelier In Death
Beautiful Crypt Angel
Vampires Crave Her True Soul

No Strangers To Adventure
Children Scheme To Save Bigfoot
Sightings Of The Mystical Sasquatch
Cause Friends To Achieve Their Dearest Dream

Beginner Student Feels Bright Stupidity
“Research My World” She Whispered
Ignorance Is Holy There
Suffering Teachers Explain Everything In Vain
To Uncluttered Minds

Realize They Secret Livelihood
Sell Rabbit Poetry
Nothing Compares
It Should Never Rhyme
Sacred But Without Vision

"The evil prancing squirrels
Have a good appetite this winter"

Move over anger

Muster everything holy

Do monsters dream of children?

Mr. White is riddled with disdain of earth, water & Air.
Should he abandon the planet to live on the Moon?

Unite the fish!

At vampire's night out
Boris bowled a spare
Natasha boxed monsters
Evil dead rock stars oogled the witches
Ancient demons breathed fire

Unrefrained passion
Intense night romance
Whispered summer's lie
Frostbite on love's fire

Another afternoon's sea adventure
Beyond the Kalamazoo Triangle
To channels of enigmatic singing space
Ghost pyramids in the mist

My zombies want
fresh brains

Without time is there thought?

Return to the Planet of the Moose

Together on an afternoon adventure in Timbuktu
Jackie & Veronica discovered an ancient Sanskrit conspiracy
Then, when twilight kissed the pyramids, awakened the monster

I love squirrels for their reason, virtue, grace & beauty

I hate squirrels for their cold hearts, fiendish brains & evil appetites
They are sneaky no-goodniks! Bad! Lazy! Evil Evil! Devils?